Welcome to Debt Free Forties, I'm Tana (rhymes with Donna)! I don’t know about you, but I sure thought I’d be set financially when I hit forty! Somehow, it didn’t quite work that way, and here I am, almost at the big 4-0, and still trying to wipe out that debt! I created this blog so we can talk money: paying off debt faster, student loans, budgeting tips, and more! Together, we can destroy our debt once and for all. Are you with me?

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Monthly finance report

February 2018 Financial Report

Man alive, was January super long or what? We did a great job of sticking on budget though, so that felt pretty wonderful. The downside is that I found out I need about $1,000 worth of dental work done. Ouch. I'm hoping we can spread it out so that we ... Read More
9 absolutely essential steps to achieve financial freedom (besides budgeting)

9 Absolutely Essential Steps You Need to Gain Financial Freedom (Besides Budgeting)

Getting Started on the Path to Debt Free Living Welcome to Debt Free Forties, a personal finance blog created to help you achieve your financial freedom. Whether you’re looking to become debt free fast, need tips on budgeting, or want to find the best ways to achieve FIRE (financially independent, ... Read More
How we saved $240 in minutes with the Trim app (so far!)

The Best Money Saving App: How we saved $240 in minutes with Trim

I like to think that I’m pretty savvy when it comes to saving money. I feel like I’ve learned all the tricks to cut costs and find extra dollars in my budget. Boy, was I wrong. By signing up for one service, and spending about 5 minutes to sync our ... Read More
50+ Brilliant Ways to Make Side Money Now

How to Make Money Online: 50+ Brilliant Ways to Make Side Money Now

Everywhere you turn, there’s a million articles showing us how to make money online as well as working from home. But a large majority of them are either scams, involve an insane amount of dedication to earn pennies, or you have to pay start-up fees. Yeah, no thanks. As we're ... Read More
10 simple rules for a no spend challenge

How to Quickly Save More Money: 10 Simple Rules for a No Spend Challenge

One question I get asked a lot as a personal finance fanatic (say that three times fast!) is what the rules of a no spend challenge are. While there are plenty of very specific no spend challenges you can take, it’s a very personal choice as to which one to ... Read More
Monthly finance report

January 2018 Finance Report

December turned out to be a pleasant surprise! We really buckled down and stuck to our budget, and were rewarded with the ability to pay extra towards the car payment. We did a lot of traveling and family events, and found ways to get presents for the kids and each ... Read More