Welcome to Debt Free Forties, I'm Tana (rhymes with Donna)! I don’t know about you, but I sure thought I’d be set financially when I hit forty! Somehow, it didn’t quite work that way, and here I am, almost at the big 4-0, and still trying to wipe out that debt! I created this blog so we can talk money: paying off debt faster, student loans, budgeting tips, and more! Together, we can destroy our debt once and for all. Are you with me?

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10 Surprising Lessons from our First Year of Budgeting

10 Surprising Lessons from our First Year of Budgeting

We've officially been budgeting for an entire year, which means...it’s our one year budget-versary! I wonder what you give each other for a gift? If it’s paper (like a real one year wedding anniversary), I’ll make sure to frame the first copy of our budget! 😉 In one year, we've ... Read More
Monthly finance report

December 2017 Finance Report

November was a crazy month. As much as I tried to plan for seasonal and additional expenses, we still ended up very "off" on the budget. I took a trip to NYC with two of my friends, and I tried to budget the cost across two months. I think the ... Read More
Why You Need to Drop the New Year's Resolutions (and What to Do Instead)

Why You Need to Drop the New Year’s Resolutions (and What to Do Instead)

I love new beginnings. The feeling of a fresh start is just so motivating, it’s addictive. Emotionally, it’s the equivalent of reading a great love story (stay with me here). You’re cheering for the budding romance, wanting so bad for it to work out. Just like a new beginning, right? ... Read More
How to Triple Stack your Savings on ANY Purchase! #savings #holidaysavings #shopping

How to Easily Triple Stack your Savings on ANY Purchase!

Being the awesome frugal folks that we are, we’re always looking for a sale, deal, coupon, or discount, right? But what can you do when it’s not enough of a discount, and you still need to make the purchase? Or it’s a financially stressful time of the year (looking at ... Read More
How to stop overspending with one easy trick

How to Stop Overspending Immediately with One Easy Trick

I love to shop. It might not be for clothes, expensive purses, or jewelry, but I love to buy home decor. And daydream about herringbone backsplashes and kitchen remodels. Oh, and don’t forget about the hours I could spend in any craft or home improvement store within a 50 mile ... Read More
Monthly finance report

November 2017 Finance Report

Guess what? We finally, officially hit the halfway mark on our debt repayment journey! Woot woot! While our debt repayment has slowed down a little bit due to unforeseen circumstances, it's still so exciting to have hit this milestone. You might notice that our total payoff percentage below is at ... Read More