August 2017 Finance Report

Monthly finance report

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This past month has been a total mixed bag of crazy. On the plus side, drum roll, please! We paid off our credit card in full! The second that first paycheck of my husband’s hit the checking account, I used the daycare reimbursement I had squirreled away to polish off that silly plastic card, and damn, it felt good! We also had a little extra left, so I threw it at our next debt, Car Loan #1.

My husband started his job, and we’re still trying to get unemployment to pay for the time he filed for. Yes, it’s taken 14 weeks of back and forth with them, and we still haven’t received anything. This is why we always have an emergency fund, right kids?

Speaking of emergency funds, we’ve had horrible storms here in Ohio. Which means, some shingles went missing and we’ve been left with a leak in the roof. In turn, we have a water spot on our bathroom ceiling. The insurance adjuster came out and looked at it, and now we need to get the back half of the roof replaced. And that’s why emergency funds need to be at least $1000, which is what our deductible is on our home insurance.

DebtOriginal AmountCurrent AmountPercentage RateAmount Paid Last MonthPercentage Paid
Credit Card$5,500.00$0!!9.75%$1677 + interest charge100%
Car Loan #1$14,093.00$32141.99%$66777.2%
Car Loan #2$10,000.00$6331.641.99%$20636.7%
Student Loans$23,000+$8292.421.75%$12264%

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