January 2017 Finance Report

Monthly finance report

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This month, we finally switched from just tracking our spending in a spreadsheet and calling it a “budget” to actually budgeting. Amazing what a difference that makes! It finally clicked for me when I signed up for a budgeting bootcamp that helped me to tell our money where to actually go, versus watching it walk away on it’s own.

DebtOriginal AmountCurrent AmountPercentage RateAmount Paid Last MonthPercentage Paid
Credit Card$5,500.00$3251.619.75%$35.2940.9%
Car Loan #1$14,093.00$5768.341.99%$314.7459.1%
Car Loan #2$10,000.00$7773.591.99%$205.3822.3%
Student Loans$23,000+$9148.211.75%$122.1060.3%

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