October 2017 Finance Report

Monthly finance report

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This month our debt repayment slowed down a lot. I think we pushed it so much paying off the car that we were finding ourselves overstretched in some areas of the budget. We still made progress forward, which is what counts. Instead of putting things on the credit card, we cash flowed them instead which is such a nice change!

I even went on a weekend trip to Amish country and was able to keep myself from buying anything. Every time I thought, do I reaaaaallly need this? I did end up buying a couple of small things, but they were less than $20 and for the kids. It’s nice to be able to stay focused on our goal of debt repayment. Less than $14,000 to go!

Also on the plus side, our net worth is up $31,782 since January 2017! Pretty amazing concerning all the craziness that has happened this year so far with jobs and bills.

Debt Original Amount Current Amount Percentage Rate Amount Paid Last Month Percentage Paid
Credit Card $5,500.00 $0!! 9.75% 0 100%
Car Loan #1 $14,093.00 $0!! 1.99% 0 100%
Car Loan #2 $10,000.00 $5915 1.99% $210 40.85%
Student Loans $23,000+ $8050.66 1.75% $120 65%
Totals $52,593.00 $13,965.83 $329.94 73.4%

we paid off $7,482 of debt in 7 months with this budget workbook

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