The resources listed here are ones that I have personally used and can recommend to save or earn some extra money!

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Mamas Talk Money Virtual Summit

For 5 WHOLE days, the Mamas Talk Money Summit is bringing you presentations from over 40 incredibly financially savvy mamas who have TONS of valuable advice to share with you all about finding your financial swagger, raising kids who are money masters, and connecting with a tribe of moms who are getting smart with their money.

We’re talking all about:

  • Family Finance
  • Investing, Retirement & Estate Planning
  • Career & Business
  • Teaching Kids About Money
  • And much, MUCH more!

There will be some pretty big names in the personal finance space including:

  • The Budgetnista, Tiffany Aliche
  • Rosemarie Groner from Busy Budgeter
  • Tai & Talaat McNeely from His & Her Money
  • Brittney Castro from Financially Wise Women
  • Liz Thames, aka Mrs. Frugalwoods
  • Lauren Greutman

And so many other amazing women that you’ll be wishing were your financially savvy best friends! Seriously, mama – you really, really, really won’t want to miss this one.

Get your free ticket to the summit here!

90 Day Budget Bootcamp

Using this budgeting bootcamp from The Busy Budgeter helped us to pay off over $26,619 in just 17 months! Each challenge helped us to get our finances and life organized, and to set goals for our family. We still use it every month to plan out our budget. To read our full story and my review, read How To Get Out Of Debt: We Paid $26,619 With One Tool!


Grocery Budget Makeover & MyFreezeEasy

One area we struggled with spending too much every month was our grocery budget. Luckily I found Erin Chase’s Grocery Budget Makeover to help us figure out how to make cuts without making sacrifices in our meals. This course taught us how to meal plan, how to budget, and how to make cuts without missing out on anything. Read my full review here or sign up for a free email course here.

We’ve recently dived into MyFreezeEasy, which is an awesome meal planning program that helps you to streamline your time and energy by creating freezer meals in bulk. It even creates shopping lists for you as well as printing them based on how/where you shop! Learn more about MyFreezeEasy

Emergency Binder Downloadable Template

It’s an unfortunate fact of life, but everyone needs any emergency binder with all of their financial information and passwords. Luckily, Mama Fish Saves has created a 92 page downloadable PDF that you can use to get your information squared away. It’s a great way to keep your family in the loop if anything happens. The last thing they should be worrying about is the password to your bank account or where your will is. Read my full review here or learn more about the in case of emergency binder here.


I absolutely love using Trim, it saved us $240 in a matter of 5 minutes on our Internet bill. I just added our account info, and they found a savings of $20 a month for the next year! I even received a text last week that told us they got us a credit for $6.00 for our Internet being out – and I didn’t have to do anything. Passive money saving? Yes, please! Read my full review on Trim and how it works here, or sign up for Trim here.


Groupon is a great way to save on local entertainment as well as products. I’ve purchased vouchers to go out to dinner, go to museums, and even purchased a Starbucks gift card – all at a discounted rate. They often have sales as well, so the discounts can work out to be pretty hefty! Learn more about Groupon is an awesome website where users can sell their old gift cards at the price that they set. They can be discounted up to 30% by the seller. On top of that, runs specials that discount some cards even further. Amazing, right?Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking – used gift cards, yikes! But before you jump ship, hear me out. The great part is that has a 1 year guarantee for any card purchased. If it doesn’t show up (physical card), has less available than expected, or any other problem, you just contact them within a year of purchase and they’ll replace it. Easy peasy!

More importantly, there are no fees, sales tax, processing or shipping fees ever. So the price you see is the price you pay, period. Learn More about

Straight Talk

Straight Talk logoStraight Talk is an amazing alternative to contract phones. We’ve had their service for well over a year and love it! Straight Talk lets you bring your own phone or buy one from them, and is a month-to-month service. So if you don’t like it, there’s no contract to break. The difference between Straight Talk and services like TracPhones is that Straight Talk is unlimited talk and text every month. There are various data levels you can select depending upon your usage. I have the 5GB plan and even if I go over, I’ll still have data available, just at 3G instead of 4G LTE. By switching my husband and I to Straight Talk, we’re saving $60 a month and $720 a year! Learn More about Straight Talk


Paribus is an app that automatically finds lower pricing on items you’ve already purchased, and files price adjustment claims for you. Just sign up for a free account at Paribus and connect your mailbox where you get receipts sent. Next, shop online as you normally would. If Paribus finds an opportunity for cash back, they file a price adjustment claim for you and you get 100% of the difference back! Learn More about Paribus


Ibotta is an app that gives rebates for everything from groceries to alcohol to booking a hotel room. They’ve recently overhauled the app and have expanded the stores you can submit receipts from, including some online! To use ibotta, you just unlock the rebates you want after purchasing them, scan their barcodes, and submit images of your receipt. It’s that easy! Get $10 for just for signing up! Learn More about Ibotta


Ebates is a great cashback program for online purchases. There’s even a browser plugin so that every time you visit a site that gives cashback through Ebates, it alerts you to both rebates as well as discount codes for that site. Ebates offer rebates on a large variety of stores, and has recently included the ability to register your credit card so that your purchases in certain offline stores count as well! Learn More about Ebates


TopCashback is very similar to Ebates and works well. It does take a little longer to get your rebates back, but they offer some great rebates. I usually check both sites to see which I can get the higher rebate back from before I make any online purchases. Learn More about TopCashBack


Swagbucks is a great way to grab some extra cash while watching TV in the evenings or during some down time. It pays you for a variety of activities, including surveys, watching videos and signing up for different offers. I’ve done some in-home surveys through here that turned out to be pretty fun! Learn More about Swagbucks


Decluttr is the perfect way to finally get all of those old CDs, DVDs, video games, books, and technology cleared out of your house. You just download the app, scan the barcode, and Decluttr lets you know what your item is worth. You’ll get free shipping to send your inventory in, and you’ll get paid the very next day! Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Learn More about Decluttr

Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame provides an easy way to get your credit score, for free! Learn about the different factors that contribute to your credit score, and which ones you can work on to boost your score fast. Learn More about Credit Sesame